Our historic working barn, built in 1900, is one of the best-preserved barns in Clackamas County and one of America's finest. It is a ramp style barn featured on county historical tours and a tribute to Oregon's old-growth fir trees of the late 1800's.

Historic barn

Description from a historical pamphlet:

A distinctive horse barn built towards the end of the 19th century - the George J. Nagl Horse Barn - located in the Stafford Hamlet area. Excellent condition and distinguished by the quality of the architectural composition, detailing craftsmanship.
Historic house and sequoia tree

A Queen Anne Victorian home, constructed in 1887 with distinctive features, sits atop the property.

There is a historic sequoia tree – the largest tree in Clackamas County and third largest in Oregon – towering near the house and barn.

The property has ties to the Daniel Boone family. We are the fifth owners.

In 2016, our venue name was changed from Long Farm Barn to Barn Kestrel.